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Chakra Multi Color Natural Stone Bracelet

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Metal Color:Man Size Woman Size
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This chakra bracelet is made up of several handmade colored stones.  Each chakra color reflect different frequencies of light and energy.

  • Red is the color of the root chakra and it symbolizes safety, survival, grounding, nourishment from the Earth energy.
  • Orange is the color of the sacral chakra and it carries meanings associated with emotions, creativity, sexuality, and is associated with water, flow.
  • Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra and it symbolizes mental activities, intellect, personal power, will.
  • Green is the color of the heart chakra and it is connected with love, relating, integration, compassion.
  • Blue is the color of the throat chakra and it symbolizes self expression, expression of truth, creative expression, communication, perfect form and patterns.
  • Purple is the color of the third eye chakra and it evokes intuition, extrasensory perception, inner wisdom.
  • White is the color of the crown chakra and it is associated with the universal, connection with spirituality, consciousness.

Comes in both woman (6.2 inches) and man size (6.7 inches).  Perfect for the couple!

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